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Easy work


Peopleware? Why should you care?


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are inbound links that point towards your web site or a blog (aka inward links). These links are essential in regards to search engine optimization (SEO) simply due to the fact that the more links you have pointing to your site, the better the chances of your web pages making their way to the top of search engine results (SERP).
Every search engine such as Google, Bing and Yahoo use spiders which crawl your site and analyze the information and data on them. As they crawl your pages, they also include inbound links as an important factor in their algorithm.

The way search engines see it, the more the inbound links a site has, the more popular and valuable it must be to readers. Of course these links can also help boost traffic to your website by simply having your link spread around the web in more location.

Why you should learn Web Marketing

If you want to get ready to this generation, learn and learn well about web advertising.
Public or paid TV, Movies, Radios, News, Magazines, Books? They already are mostly web based in order to survive.
A little business advise of the day over Web Marketing.

Smart Phone Society

If you are not a fan of people that forget the world around and stays like zombies messing with their smart phone and derivates. Take a look at this video.

Big Red Moon Eclipse

This is our Official Big Red Moon Eclipse in September 2015 photo.


First Nature Care Mission Insight

Methark Universal Care Foundation first insight video of our 250 hectares restoration mission.

One Tip to be Eco-Friendly

Be green! 
We don't need to print most of our documents anymore. Just save them in your device and cloud storage so you can read it anywhere, anytime.

#ecology #green #nature

How to Jump a Car Battery


250 ectares Nature restore

Methark - Universal Care Foundation will restore #nature in a 250 hectares area. We are inviting specialist biologists and ecologists to join our endeavor.

#ecology #environment #care #biology

Super Red Moon

It was great to see!
#moon #supermoon #eclipse #redmoon

Watch Super Moon today at 08:00 LIVE

One huge event for us will take place today when the moon is 16% bigger and Red followed by other great event: An eclipse.
Watch it live on Nasa channel!

Keep Calm and Do Science


Social Media Checklist

Check the ultimate Social Media tips:
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Wipe bad memories


Paid Web Servers Down

As a technology company we use our own web servers for big and critical systems and outsourced web servers for medium or small regional clients. 
Today our continuous improvement program gave us great B2B results already being implemented on Methark and its clients. This article is based on this report.
MOST PAID WEB SERVERS WILL FALL  With free reliable web server services offering server-side scripts, ready to go web sites, PHP, SQL, WebMail and so on, plus the fever of social networks and blogs (more important than the official company website itself), most companies don't need a paid website plan anymore. 
Big data necessities is more affordable for medium and small business from public free tools and big endeavors goes with in-company direct backbone connection from private directed servers.
WEB SERVER COMPANIES MISTAKES Even today, when we talk about Web Servers the image of huge lined boxes with led lights and wires flashes into our heads. Honestly? 
This is old design an…

Why Web Design is dead?

My post referring; I quote "Web design is a dead profession, Web development is the cannon ball" received some good questions. But first, let's make one small introduction to our current global situation on this matter.
With *free social or professional pages (like this one), blogs and easy web-site creators like #wix, what we know as web designers has become the same thing to say digital designers (professionals that use design programs like #Gimp, #Fireworks, #Inkscape, #Corel, etc) to create images. "Web Pages is turning to be more standardized for easy user and developer interaction." In order of evolution, digital art creation it's becoming something made by web developers with our new #html5, #css3 and so on. IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) is offering easy to create amazing designed web applications and advanced personalized templates.
The result of all these variants gives digital designers two ways: Learn to code or offer its desig…

A new era is on

Web design is a dead profession and Web development is the cannon ball.

Hardware evergreen affordable parts is turning the public technology development something not just to few companies.

You can believe that we are living amazing times. Technology freedom.
#Methark #metharklib

MFS reaches break even

MFS - Methark Fiverr Squad reaches it's break even point. The company is re-framing the sector in order to optimize it's services over the Fiverr's platform.

12 Steps to save iPhone power

Step 1
Go to Settings > Privacy > Location services.

Here you’ll find a whole load of apps that are using GPS to update your location. It’s useful for something like Find my iPhone, but the chances are there are a whole load of other apps that don’t need it and are draining your battery.

Step 2
Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Fetch New Data > Manually

At the moment, your iPhone is checking to see if you have new updates for mail, calendars, and contacts and it’s taking a toll on the battery.

Step 3
You would be surprised how many people don’t know about this. Double tap the main button then swipe up to close them down. It will save battery, but this is contingent on your use of Background App Refresh (Step 10).

If you’re never using them again, then delete them: Hold down till they wobble and press the cross.

Step 4
Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Toggle Reduce Motion on.

This is the feature that make it look like apps are floating above the b…

Methark on LinkedIn

Check out the latest news, insights, and opportunities from Methark.

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Methark Fiverr Squad

Methark invests in Fiverr with the called Fiverr Squad in order to offer quick and low-cost outsourcing development and consulting worldwide.

The company expects to reach the return of investment in six months since their staff can attend multiple small projects in one day.
The re-outsourcing on Fiverr itself has being monitored and is being applied to raise even more worldwide digital workforce.

MIPS Oxford Hello World

Do you love or would like to learn Assembly? Here is your starting code:

## Methark Technology - MIPS Example
## hello.asm
## Registers used
## $v0 - syscall parameter and return value.
## $a0 - syscall parameter-- the string to print.



la $a0, hello_msg
## load the addr of hello_msg into $a0.

li $v0, 4
## 4 is the print_string syscall.

## do the syscall (print the string).

li $v0, 10
## 10 is the exit syscall.
## do the syscall (close the program).

## Data for the program:
hello_msg: .asciiz "Hello World\n"
## end hello.asm

You can download the Spim MIPS simulator from Source Forge.

Have attention with one image

Doesn't matter what you are posting bellow the image, users will look at it and raise the chance of engage your post.
The secret is to use a great title like "How To", a cool image of what you are talking about (on this case Pinterest) and a sort of character that will intrigue the user.
Color palette is to be used or your image will be confusing.

Your life for Science?


Russian next generation Soyuz

Russia has been working on a new spacecraft to get cosmonauts to the moon and Mars.
Now, the Russian Space Agency revealed images of the new, unnamed spacecraft, which has been under development for around a decade.
It looks remarkably similar to Orion – Nasa's new spaceship designed to carry humans to an asteroid, and eventually to Mars.
It is designed to replace Soyuz-TMA that carries astronauts and cosmonauts to the International Space Station.
RSC Energia says it will test it over the next few months, which the first unmanned orbital test flight of the new spacecraft scheduled in 2021.
Earlier this year, Russia announced plans to send manned flights to the moon by 2030 after reviving its lunar programme with unmanned spacecraft. It was the first time Moscow had set a deadline for the space plans, hoping to recapture the early glory of the first space race, when they beat the U.S. at getting a man to orbit the earth.
Barack Obama previously wanted to get Americans ont…

Aviation Drone Strike

If our new great public technology of drones is generating so many almost air traffic collision problems, there should be some law that states drones to use TCAS sort of automatic collision avoiding system.
One more thing to worry beside bird strike. Now we will have Drone Strike.

Operational Systems War

Before thinking about write this article I was happy with my Win7 for it's user friendly desktop, my GNU/Linux Mint 13 for development, Android for my Sony smart-phone and Apple's IOs for my tablet (or IPad).
For stranger it may seem, the comfort of having so many different resources was given just and only for all options and tools one of those could give exclusively on that platform.
Windows 10 Wave
Not blaming Microsoft, in fact they did what should be done to keep the competition for the market - with is to force the users around the globe to use just their products and services like Apple or Google on it's own way.
With a fair price you can buy a Microsoft's Smart-Phone or Tablet and it's bleak the future between Microsoft and Sony products with is pointing for a new generation of laptops, computers and game consoles.
The Big Picture
Let's see some charts and facts to get a grip of what was going on in July 2015 regarding those systems:

* Chart based on

Wikipedia's Depression

There is a lot of great articles Wikipedia can offer in many languages and it is without a doubt the biggest on it's market.
Even with reports along the time of errors, span and even censure; it's huge content kept Wikipedia as a must-have favorite for millions. Yesterday I went to Wikipedia to ask for an update of a mistaken part of an article and this was what I saw covering the entire top of the page:  Followed by this: As a non-profit organization is their legitimate right to ask people for donations of course, but like this, is almost saying: - Hey, pay us or our service will give you adds or worst. Just a PayPal's donate button isn't enough?

Wrong Way of Business
By doing this Wikipedia is showing the world users that it's not a free encyclopedia but a poor business planned organization that even being known worldwide can't raise funds from companies. Instead, they are trying to apply the in-app-purchase politics.

What is the Problem?

Methark's ARUF

Methark ARUF - Agile Rational Unified Framework in action. Integrating all knowledge areas like a charm.