My post referring; I quote "Web design is a dead profession, Web development is the cannon ball" received some good questions. But first, let's make one small introduction to our current global situation on this matter.

With *free social or professional pages (like this one), blogs and easy web-site creators like #wix, what we know as web designers has become the same thing to say digital designers (professionals that use design programs like #Gimp, #Fireworks, #Inkscape, #Corel, etc) to create images.
"Web Pages is turning to be more standardized for easy user and developer interaction."
In order of evolution, digital art creation it's becoming something made by web developers with our new #html5, #css3 and so on. IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) is offering easy to create amazing designed web applications and advanced personalized templates.

The result of all these variants gives digital designers two ways: Learn to code or offer its designs to the real world (witch is shrinking) or small jobs for the web (pictures, logos, banners).
"Today, the average of web developers to web designers employed is 10 to 2."
Now that we know where we are at, let's start:
  1. A Developer is a professional that creates codes from server side scripts to front end applications, templates and/or gadgets;
  2. A Designer is a professional that creates images to be used on real or digital purposes;
  3. There is more chance to a company contract a Marketing professional with design experience than a digital designer;
  4. This tendency is the natural response for years of programmers versus designers integration problems.
This change is not easy for neither since most programmers don't have the artistic creativity of a designer as most designers don't have the rational creativity of programmers.
"If you are a great Web Developer nowadays you must be proud because you have artistic and rational creativity."
* Free: Nothing is free.

Arthur Wellten 

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