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Firefox - Buggy like Ever!

For years Firefox from Mozilla was being used largely by worldwide users due to it's great navigation and add-ons. But, nowadays it seems that the Fox is getting frozen and with terrible bugs. Here we will quote just five: Freezing and Glitches;Netflix became a nightmare;PayPal? You can't even connect to the website;For some reason, the Internet connection keeps dropping;Security issues popping out many times. The company's support asks the users to clear all their cache and remove all add-ons in order to make the browser work again. Obviously this method is not making anybody happy with the frozen buggy Fox since what is the point of have a navigator with so many problems.
In particular, we really hope that Firefox will come back to it's glory days, but this particular problems are making the navigator loose space to Chrome, Edge and Opera pretty fast.
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Easy Hack/Remember Saved Passwords

Just access a computer with saved accounts on the browser and turn the dots on the password field into the password string. Easy and simple tutorial.

Methark Invest Single Trade

Investment for a client of U$200.00 on EUR/USD (OTC).
ROI: U$182.00

Methark Invest 10k Trade Example


Methark Invest: Day Trade Index

Methark Invest Day Trade Index
10⬆ - 3⬇

Total Investment Amount
U$ 15,875.00
Total ROI
U$ 13,017.50 (82%)

Methark Invest open for Global Investors

Methark starts offering smart Stock market and Forex options investments together with it's business packs with the minimum investment of $50,00 USD and a great average return of 35% per week.
The company shows an average of 78% of successful deals per week, being considered a solid way for investors that want to step into the volatile world of binary options.
"Each client can access the number of investments made and their results. This crystal clear approach makes the investors feel confident...". Says Arthur - Methark's CEO.
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Virtual Reality is the Cannon Ball

It’s 2017 and it’s hard not to admit that Virtual Reality is, quite virtually, everywhere. There probably isn’t a major IT company that doesn’t have a VR team researching the technology or already creating something.

Every game industry conference is bursting with variety and diversity of VR projects ranging from modern cars virtual tours and taking off to Mars simulators to full-blown (as much as relatively short development time-frame could allow) games. Hell, I’ve seen a group of people comparable in size to Dark Souls first look line waiting to try out a VR dating simulator.
While the concept of VR gaming seems exciting and full of new opportunities at a glance, is it really the hottest place in town at the moment?
Pioneering Spirit Well, isn’t it cool to be the first in something. VR market gives you a unique opportunity to enter (almost) unknown waters and come out basking in glory. Or, well, not quite. 
Aside from games like Raw Data and a couple others there aren’…

R.I.P Fireworks

The last version of Fireworks, the Adobe CS6 version was officially given as the last. You can go to and see for yourself this huge hole on the new Adobe Cloud. No Fireworks for you.
Fireworks is and always was till this date, without a doubt, the best 2D (and even pseudo-3D) vector/image creation and edition IDE. There is no match for it's user friendly interface and power tools. 
Bought from Macromedia Inc. together with Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver by Adobe, till now Fireworks is being used from it's Macromedia 2004 MX suite to all the Adobe CS versions. The question is: Is Adobe planning to launch something better or just forcing users to get used to Photoshop and InDesign?

Basic Binary Knowledge

There is a basic knowledge that I think everyone must have in mind: Basic Binary Numbers. So, let's get to the point:

Decimal and Binary (4 bits) 0 = 0000 1 = 0001 2 = 0010 3 = 0011 4 = 0100 5 = 0101 6 = 0110 7 = 0111 8 = 1000 9 = 1001 (nice binary palindrome! Try 73)
HIT: See how even numbers ends with 0 and odd numbers with 1.
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