Nowadays Coders Struggle

Ten years ago it was great to develop software - Java and Flash applications were the must have multi-platform tech and that was it.

HTML5 came to give us a new way of coding freedom over the web, the promise of running on any browser with front and back-end process - all using just CSS3, JavaScript and XML (a huge step).
So, the question here is: Why do IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software industries are making so hard to develop multi-platform software?

Let's face it - Today, if you want to release a multi-platform software, you will need to learn: Objective-C (Apple, IOs), C# (Microsoft) and Java (Android) at minimum. 

What about the investment?
10 Years ago was easy to launch some software with great power just with one IDE and Programing Language. I did hundreds of pure Flash/ActionScript, Java and HTML/JS/CSS applications.
You can choose between pay to develop your codes on an online coding service where you will be able to publish your software to multi-platforms (paying a price), or:
1. Apple computer: If you want to distribute to MacOs or IOs, you will need a Mac or to find an online service to do it;
2. Microsoft Visual Studio: If you want to work with Microsoft computers and mobile (free and pro version);
3. Android: Free if you have time to expend configuring and debugging your favorite IDE as Eclipse or NetBeans. 

You can develop simple apps for free, but if you need a professional multi-platform code design, you will have to expend a few hundred dollars in order to have access to all platforms and their peculiarities.


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