Big Business Strategy With Global Shipping

Huge companies like Amazon, Ebay and AliExpress are implementing their business strategy with shipping offers up to 100 countries, making the global market more appealing to buyers and sellers all over the internet.

Are you thinking about a drone made in Denmark or to buy a Javanese exotic jewel? Now you can buy it with the global shipping option from huge resellers over the web. And it doesn’t stop here – extreme competitive prices and products are being offered by stores like New Best Deal – giving the option to buy overseas a reality for everyone with offers from the most trusted sellers and companies worldwide.

“On the last Black Friday you could find a Play Station 4 for just U$199.00 – the average price is U$299.00”

Even having to deal with international handling and custom fees (some of them can reach 100% over the product price), the average prices are appealing since the goods are being sold always at lower prices. With efforts to make the list of shipping served regions bigger, customers and sellers can close excellent deals due to expanded shipping areas.

The virtual reality arena is also being implemented since the inconvenience of actually going into stores is eliminated. Virtual reality gives you the convenience of online shopping and the experience of being in a store. You can buy a VR headset from $10.00 Google cardboard to hundreds of dollars.

Looking at the big picture, economically speaking this is a question mark over the global market evolution where local stores now have to deal with international stores and sellers with competitive prices, the market share downsize of import and export agencies. Can we forget about the famous “Invisible Hand” from Adam Smith?

Till now, mega stores such as Walmart and Target are still competitive in prices.  In research, U.S. made products sold by a common local store will be relatively the same price than if you bought it online.

On the other hand, we see the rise of local industries selling directly from major web resellers, the demand for cargo services like UPS and Fedex increases.   Thus possibly creating a global market evolution. This is changing the way of how and where people buy goods and services.

How companies sell their products needs constant updating consequently expanding the horizon of small and large corporations.

By Arthur Wellten
Methark Press

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