Linux Task Manager & XKill

Starts the Linux Mint Task Manager
Want to kill a Window process? Let's use the XKILL command creating a new personalized Icon.

STEP 1 - Make sure the xkill package is installed

STEP 2 - Let's create our quick access icons and shortcuts
Ok, now that we have “xorg-xkill” package installed, we can open a terminal and simply put “xkill” and press enter. This will transform your mouse cursor into an “X” or into a “🕱 Red Skulll (depending on your icon set). Now you may simply left-click whatever window is not responding and it'll be gone in an instant.

Define a Keyboard Shortcut

You can define a keyboard shortcut that will allow you to call for “xkill” in any situation. To do this you simply go to the “System Settings”, choose the “Keyboard” section and then add your desired shortcuts from the “Custom Shortcuts” category.

Create the new Custom keyboard Shortcut
Comment Section

Trigger Section

Action Section

Creating a menu Shortcut
Just open your Start Menu "Edit Applications" and  click on "New Item".  The screen-shot will give you the rest:

Creating a XKill task button

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