AI is predicted to overcome Humans in 2030

Things like you saw in the movie Me Robot are not far to come true. Robots doing all kind of things we Humans do, but faster, reliable and better.

Most of those AI - Artificial Intelligence projects are now getting educated with everything the real and virtual world can provide and some of them, interacting with us every day and we don't even realize. Examples? Products from Google, Microsoft, Apple and so on. 

Let's be clear that Methark also use it's own resources and statistics but we are also based on public info to fill up our AI projects. Therefore, this article is not saying that AI is bad or good, as the companies above were just quoted due their power over information and resources. Plus, everybody knows about this.

The picture can be positive, causing an evolution of our kind with the new technology of devices and robots capable to understand you better than yourself. The bad picture we can see in Hollywood movies. All depends of who is going to be ruling the show.

What do you think?

By: Methark Press

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