Products & Services

To us, every project is critical and must have almost zero chance of error. Check our list of solutions, products and projects.
  • Methark® Systems: The most reliable and integrated Back-Office, Front-Office and Monitoring systems.
  • Marketing Solutions: All your company needs from Branding, Design and Web Advertising.
  • Ozei® Network: The Artificial Intelligent Integrated search, social, applications, games and tools network. All on-line and free for you. 
  • Computers and Gadgets: Our MK-ZERO® line of Laptops, PDAs and Gadgets is fitting our corporate clients needs with robust and secure hardware.
  • GNU/Linux Ozei v1: Made for Mk's platform and based on the old project A.K.A MODUS, Ozei v1 works with a clean system and workbench offering all applications needed from personal, office and development with a great stability and security.
  • NeuroStimulus: Group of software and hardware directed for clinical hypnosis assistance and effectiveness. 
  • Dromus: Multi-purpose AI air/sea/land drones with multiple functions. The project still is on it's testing phase. 
  • Pilot System® 2004: Software designated and used till today by Airliners, Flight Academies and Pilot Students. We are working on a new version. 
  • ARUF®: The Agile Rational Unified Framework is a collection of standards, methods and procedures applicable to any project.
  • Training Center: From 2003 we offer training to corporate staff and university students.
  • IT & Business Consulting: We offer analytical and statistical rational based ideas and solutions for your projects. 

✔ Small Solutions and Tools
Methark's small tolls are made to be an auxiliary solution for a small target of users. 
  • BitedCalc: Java application that makes decimal, binary, hexadecimal, octal and ASC-II conversions and calculations. The application shows and explain all steps done in a way that the student can easily understand this subject;
  • Kryptonite: A high-power AES encryption tool or library to safeguard information and communication.
  • TriModel: Visual creation and edition of relational databases and SQL code generation made in Java.
  • JTerminal: Library made primary for BlueJ and than for the NetBeans IDE to run a program on the operational system's terminal while in production (not the IDE's terminal). 
  • MFTP: Methark's FTP, FTPS and SFTP client for uploading, modify or download files or folder from a server.


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