Methark® Corporation
Founded in May 7, 2002 by Arthur Wellten, the company always was directed to outsource Development and Research of new solutions and endeavors for a large variety of industries.

With the actual technology and corporate solutions contracts worldwide, Methark's focus is now directed to the interdisciplinary development of it's own products, solutions and investments for it's Corporate and Government clients.

Company Divisions
Methark reach all it's potential being sub-divided in three divisions. 

✔ Administration Division
Directors Board, Economy Sector, Development Sector, Marketing Sector and Operations Sector. Responsible for the entire company administration.

✔ Corporate Division
Responsible for Methark's investments and holdings providing management and implementing our solutions.

✔ Industry Division
Responsible for the production of our hardware and gadgets, it also holds the Delta Labs Sector, the top of the spear on Methark's research, development and test for our future solutions.

✔ Minds
Our company has few standards and codes since we are optimized and all our personal took five years of tests and training to really work directly with Methark.

We are an interdisciplinary company witch multi-task minds and three things in common:  Honor, Loyalty and Technology. Beyond that is our skills:
  • Computer Science;
  • Chemistry;
  • Biology;
  • Design & Marketing;
  • Economy Science;
  • Engineering;  
  • Geography; 
  • Governance & Hospitality;
  • Law and Accounting;
  • Medicine;
  • Music & Arts;
  • Physics.


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